I have shipped more than 50 orders (by Storenvy and email) before moving to Shopify.

Ordering Questions

Do you accept orders placed outside of the US?
Yes! I ship worldwide.

Will you re-stock [item]?
NO. I usually don't re-stock items unless they sell out immediately. If you are interested in something, please don't hesitate to order! (●´ω`●)ゞ

I want a cell phone dust plug add-on but I forgot to add it to my cart!
No problem! If you email me and let me know before your order has shipped, I will take care of it. ^^ (If it’s already shipped, then I can’t help… Sorry!)

Do you sell preorder bonuses separately as well?
It depends, but usually, no.

Do you accept returns or exchanges?
I make sure all my products are in good condition before I ship them, and take measures to package them well. Therefore, I am not responsible for damages that may occur during shipping. However, depending on the severity of the damage, you can take a picture of it and we can figure something out!

All sales are final. Please ask if you have any questions! I’ll be happy to answer.

Shipping Questions

How do you ship your prints?
I ship all prints FLAT, between two pieces of cardboard, inside a bubble mailer.

Can I pick up my order at [convention]?
Yes, if I am going to the same convention! Shoot me an email and we can discuss it. (You will need to show me your order receipt [digital or printed] at the convention.)

How long will it take to receive my order?
I batch and ship orders about once per week, usually on a Wednesday or Saturday. During busy season, I ship orders every few days. Below are some estimates on how long it usually takes for orders to arrive once they're shipped:

Shipping within the U.S.: 1-5 days
To Canada or Mexico: 1-2 weeks
To other countries: 2-4 weeks

These are only estimates and may differ depending on weather, holidays, customs, and the efficiency of your local postal service.

*INTERNATIONAL ORDERS: Please note that tracking information may not update once your package leaves the U.S. Additionally, depending on your country, customs fees or VAT may apply on items over $20. It is the buyer’s responsibility to pay any applicable fees.

Preordered items will not ship until after the preorder period closes. If you’d like to stay up to date, please follow me on social media, as I will give updates on the status of packages there.


Cancellation policy:
I normally batch and ship orders every Wednesday or Saturday. However, I package orders the day after they are placed. Should you want to cancel your order, you must notify me on the same day you placed your order, or I will not be able to cancel it.

Wrong shipping address:
If you accidentally gave me the wrong shipping address, let me know ASAP so I can send it to the right place! If I've already shipped your order, you will have to wait until the package is returned so I can repackage and resend it. In this case, you will need to pay for additional shipping.

Correct address but package gets returned or never arrives:
If you gave me the correct address and the package is returned or never arrives (for an unknown reason), I will ship your order again, IF the items are still in stock. Please let me know if your order hasn't arrived after twelve weeks from ship date. If you are worried about not receiving your package, I recommend requesting a shipping upgrade. It's more expensive, but it will arrive faster.

Package arrives damaged:
If this happens, let me know immediately with photos of the package unopened and opened, and of the contents inside, and we will go from there. (If it's just a print that's bent—don't worry about it; you can fix it!)



Q. 海外から注文出来ますか?
A. 出来ますよ♡

Q. 私の注文をアニメコンに引き取りは可能ですか?
A. あります!メールでお問い合わせ可能です。

Q. イヤホンジャックカバーが欲しかったのですが、 カートに入れずに購入してしまいました。
A. 問題ないです!私にメールして任せてください。注文はもう届けなければ、イヤホンジャックカバーを注文に入れます。しかし、もう届けたなら手伝ってあげられません。すみません!

Q. 〇〇を再入荷しますか?
A. 再入荷を保証することが出来ません。限定*、特典付き商品をご希望の場合は、早期のご予約をお奨めいたします。(●´ω`●)ゞ *限定版の商品は再入荷しません。

Q. [予約特典について] 予約特典を別に売りますか?
A. 場合によって異なるけど、別に売ることがありません。

Q. (交換/返品について)
A. すみませんが、交換/返品は不可能です。

Q. 配送期間はどれくらいですか?
A. 配送期間は、国ごと、また通関のスピードと効率によって異なります。国内の平均配送期間は2〜10営業日です。同様に、海外への平均配送期間は1〜2週間だけど、2〜12週間も可能です。