Yummy Duelist Charms
Yummy Duelist Charms

Yummy Duelist Charms

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Why choose between duelists and desserts when you can have both? Nab your favorite while it's fresh!

☆ Yugi+Yami (chocolate strawberry cake) only 6 left
☆ Malik+Marik (purin/flan)
☆ Ryou+Bakura (lemon cake) only 2 left
x Kaiba (macaron) SOLD OUT

Each clear acrylic charm is 1.5" wide and comes with a strap so you can put it on a keychain, phone*, or wherever you like!

*If you would like your charm to be a dust plug for your headphone jack (eg. for smartphones), please add the “dust plug adapter add-on” to your cart as well.

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